We are pleased to officially announce the African Holocaust Foundation. A national charity founded by Slavery Remembrance to advocate, advance and promote the betterment of the black/African community. Acting as a national voice for the black/African community, the charity aims to improve the quality and life chances of black/African people by conducting research, raising awareness and promoting innovative solutions to challenge mainstream thinking.

Although incorporated at the beginning of this year we have held back in announcing the Foundation as we debated whether to stick with the name given and while we waited for confirmation of some other of our Trustees. With that being said, we are also pleased to announce the following people as Trustees of the Foundation:


Professor Robert Beckford

Robert Beckford PhD is professor of Religion and Culture in the African diaspora in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, at Canterbury Christ Church University in Canterbury, Kent, and Visiting Professor at Kings College, London.

Beckford is scholar-activist researching the intersections of faith and racial justice in and through diverse media texts. He is an academic theologian and currently a professor in theology at Canterbury Christ Church University, whose documentaries for both the BBC and Channel 4 have caused debate among the Christian and British religious community.

He has written a dozen books which triangulate the fields of theology, cultural studies and politics. Professor Beckford is also a BAFTA award winning documentary filmmaker.  He has written and presented over twenty films for the BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery USA.  His films explore a range of themes including political critiques of the British Empire, biblical history and popular culture.


Dr. Lez Henry

Dr. Henry is a Social Anthropologist, a researcher and consultant, he is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology at University of West London’s, Ealing Law School. Dr. Henry delivers various educational/training programmes, specialising in race, ethnicity, diversity, equality, education and black history.

Dr. Henry has an impressive international profile as a public speaker and has delivered talks at various institutions, including:  The African American Studies Department, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA: Department of Humanities, Howard University, Washington DC, USA: African And African American Studies Program, University Of Oklahoma: Tulsa, USA. University Of The West Indies, Department of Literature-Reggae Studies Unit, Mona Campus, Kingston, Jamaica, WI. University of Gothenburg: Centre for Cultural Studies, Gothenburg, Sweden. Queens University Belfast: Department of Ethnomusicology, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Dr Henry also led THE INFOCATION study tours to Egypt in 2008 with Rey Bowen and on his own in 2010.

Dr. Henry has published in the areas of African/Black History and identity, Whiteness, Race, Ethnicity, Youth Culture, Music and Education


Jacqueline Walker

Jacqueline Walker arrived from Jamaica in 1959 aged five before being taken into Local Authority care in 1965. After gaining her first degree in English and Education at Goldsmiths College, London University Jacqueline taught in schools before becoming an Adviser Teacher in Equal Opportunities and Development Studies.

In 1997 Jacqueline began a PhD at SOAS researching the construction of Black British Caribbean identity in British literature and lectured in Higher Education and Further Education. In 2009 Jacqueline’s first book Pilgrim State, published by Hodder Headline, won the Association for Social Policy award for ‘Best Publication of 2009’ for its innovative use of narrative and documentation.

Jacqueline is a mother of three (grown up) children, has been a foster parent and respite carer. Jacqueline writes, delivers training, in particular to Social Work departments and on family support programs, she speaks at conferences and works with a number of universities on curriculum planning and service user involvement. She has a particular interest in the use and construction of narratives, in mental health, looked after children, child protection and racism. Jacqueline has been a political activist all her life, most recently vice-Chair of the Jeremy Corbyn supporting group Momentum. She continues to be active politically, particularly around issues relating to race. Her play, ‘The Lynching’ is on tour across the UK.


Shezal Laing


Shezal Laing is the Founder of Slavery Remembrance. She studied law jointly with International Development at university and obtained an LLB.

She has worked with and for the community for several years working in various community organisations. She is a passionate activist for ‘the people’. She has written one book at school when she was approximately 6 years old. It was about an Indigenous American and a buffalo but she can’t remember more than that.

She has never written anything for the BBC or Channel 4 or any other television station for that matter but would be happy to do so if anyone from any of these organisations is reading and would like to extend the opportunity to her.









To find out more about the foundation you can visit: www.africanholocaust.foundation