18/08/18 – Global Day of Remembering

Time to stamp out anti-Blackness 23 August is International Slavery Remembrance Day for the victims of the African Holocaust / Transatlantic Slave Trade. [...]

African Holocaust Foundation

We are pleased to officially announce the African Holocaust Foundation. A national charity founded by Slavery Remembrance to advocate, advance and promote the [...]

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2017 Memorial in Photos

2017 National Memorial for the Victims of the African Holocaust A beautiful day was had by all. "Thank you [...]

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2017 Line-Up

Here is the line-up of all those who performed/spoke at this year's National Memorial to honour the victims of the African Holocaust [...]

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African Holocaust Memorial 2017

    The 23rd August each year is International Slavery Remembrance Day. Last year we made history by marking this day with the [...]

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Ofcom has failed the black community as it allows subconscious racism to go unchallenged

You may remember that some months ago, just one week after our inaugural memorial service and four days after International Slavery Remembrance Day [...]

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“I’ve got more roots than Kunta Kinte” – Say what now?!

ITV's Coronation Street recently aired an episode in which a character was scripted to say "I've got more roots than Kunta Kinte. I [...]

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Toyin Agbetu Interviews our Founder Shezal

Hear our founder, Shezal Laing, being interviewed by Toyin Agbetu of Ligali. https://youtu.be/mr6KXFbkXig

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2016 Line-Up

Here is the line-up of all those who performed/spoke at our history making inaugural Slavery Remembrance Memorial Service in London's Trafalgar Square on 21/08/16. [...]

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African Holocaust Billboard

Use the hashtag #AfricanHolocaust to show the world you haven't forgotten and that you will not allow history to be censored. The African [...]

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