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This march is NOT the Slavery Remembrance March taking place on 21/08/16

Come & join your global Afrikan family on the third annual Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March to Parliament & hand in the Stop The Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide: Ecocide Petition to establish an All Party Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry for Truth & Reparatory Justice.

Please sign here: https://www.change.org/p/stop-the-maangamizi-we-charge-genocide-ecocide

We March with the following aims & intent:

These are the official aims and objectives The Emancipation Day Reparations March?

1. To draw attention to Afrikan peoples’ global determination to not let the British State and other perpetrators get away with the crimes of the Maangamizi (Afrikan hellacaust of chattel, colonial and neo-colonial enslavement).

2. To hand in the Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide petition requesting an All-Party Commission of Inquiry for Truth & Reparatory Justice in order to raise consciousness about the fact that all the attacks on us, in both individual and collective instances, amount to Genocide/Ecocide in Maangamizi continuity necessitating reparations.

3. To increase awareness of the necessity to ‘Stop the Maangamizi’ and its current manifestations such as austerity, attempts to recolonise Afrika, mentacide and deaths in police, psychiatric and prison custody.

4. To demonstrate Afrikan peoples’ strength, capacity and determination to speak to and challenge establishment power with our growing grassroots power to effect and secure reparations (reparatory justice) on our own terms.

5. To highlight Afrikan peoples grassroots demands and initiatives for effecting and securing reparations.

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