Experts needed!

Do you have a few hours a week you could donate to a good cause. We all have our part to play in ensuring Slavery Remembrance Day is commemorated around the world and here’s how you can play yours.

Are you an angel around the office? Love filing, phoning and faxing – just kidding, we don’t have a fax! But if your a well-organised individual with administrative / secretarial experience and spare time on your hands, we’d love to hear from you.

Are you a social media junky? Love commenting, tweeting and sharing? Well join us in sharing the great work we do here at Slavery Remembrance and do your part in helping to ensure the world remembers on Slavery Remembrance Day.

Are your creative juices overflowing and you need an outlet for them? Are you tech savvy and updating a website to you is like updating a wardrobe for Naomi Campbell? If the answer is yes then we want to hear from you.

We want the world to remember and thousands to join us on our Slavery Remembrance March on August 23rd and we need your great skills and ideas flowing from your PR/marketing background to help make it happen

Whatever your field of expertise, however you wish to get involved we want to hear from you. Whether it’s to become an ambassador for Slavery Remembrance, to share your expertise in an area not listed above (that list is not exhaustive!) or even if it’s just to share an idea or give us some tips, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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