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International REPAIRations Conference
Truth, Justice and Healing

The International REPAIRations Truth, Justice & Healing Summit has been organised by Slavery Remembrance to continue our work to help address the far-reaching legacy of the period of mass enslavement of African people across the world.

  • Black led
  • Open to all
  • Solution Focussed
  • Commited to ending anti-Black, Afri-phobic racism and racial inequity
  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Healing
  • REPAIRations
International REPAIRations Conference

If you wish to participate in this conference please read the participators information sheet and fill out our participator’s application form.

The purpose of the conference is to locate solutions that help heal and repair the enduring injustices faced by people of African heritage. Its objectives are to:

      • Uncover the truth about the lasting effects of slavery including, but not limited to, racial inequity, anti-Black Afriphobic racism and violence and human rights abuses against Black people across the globe.
      • Identify holistic remedies capable of repairing the psychological and physical harm caused when living with structural racism, Afriphobic violence and human rights abuses.
      • Recognise and diagnose the cause of intergenerational trauma and the resulting racial disparities that affects the wellbeing and progress of our communities.
      • Diagnose the personal and institutional damage caused to the wellbeing of all members of societies by those refusing to engage with anti-racist work.

Institutional/systemic and structural racism has allowed non-Black institutions and organisations to lead, guide and control the narrative of conversations on anti-Black, Afriphobic racism and decide which voices can be heard. To ensure real, effective and lasting change is made it is important that not only are all voices heard, but that Black organisations are listened to and leading at this critical time.

As with Sankofa Day, we believe this work is imperative and should be accessible to all. Therefore, the conference shall be delivered on a pay what you can basis.

We are asking for your donations to help us cover the organising costs. This is your opportunity to become involved in shaping a grassroots programme of solutions and play a part in repairing ourstory.

This event forms part of the Sankofa Day programme for reconciliation during the United Decades International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024)


The genocide of some  50-100 million African men, women and children and the enslavement of millions of others is the Black Holocaust


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