Our Sankofa Badge

Specially designed to commemorate and honour the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade/African Holocaust.

Our Sankofa badge is to be worn by anyone who believes the victims of the African Holocaust deserve to be remembered and honoured.

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Money raised from badge sales assists in paying for the cost of the memorial

  • Slavery Remembrance Enamel Sankofa Badge

  • Slavery Remembrance Sankofa Badge

  • African Holocaust Foundation Sankofa


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  • Slavery Remembrance Sankofa Badge

  • Slavery Remembrance Enamel Sankofa Badge

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Company Information

Slavery Remembrance is a national organisation set up to acknowledge and honour the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and promote International Slavery Remembrance Day (23/08).

Our ethos is to Educate, Celebrate and Inspire people on the rich history and culture of Africa and her diaspora before, during and after the Transatlantic Slave Trade/African Holocaust by:

  • Commemorating the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
  • Promoting International Slavery Remembrance Day (23 August).
  • Challenging views on Africa and her diaspora as a result of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
  • Promoting and celebrating black/African history, culture and achievements before, during and after the slave trade.
  • Acting as an umbrella organisation supporting and promoting individuals and organisations whose work focuses on benefitting Africa and her diaspora.
We believe that the victims of the transatlantic slave trade should never be forgotten. We believe that the world should fall silent for 2 minutes on August 23rd each year, to pay their respect to those victims. We believe the empires built off the backs of enslaved African people and the benefits experienced by many countries to this day should be acknowledged and remembered.

We believe that the African continent had a great and rich history before the European Transatlantic Slave Trade and this should never be forgotten. We believe that each and everyone of us has a duty to play their part in ensuring none of the above is ever overlooked or forgotten again.

“Thank you for doing that, I was there with my daughter and it was a blessing, she just said ‘mummy now I know where I come from’ that touched my heart, my daughter did not have identity[sic] that’s what I understand, she was struggling and I didn’t know”
ticharosario, Instagram
“Brilliant event, uplifting, informative and entertaining. Fantastic speakers, dancers and poet. I was blessed to be there. Looking forward to next year’s event. Thanks to the organisers.”
Pamela Campbell, Facebook
“Excellent event. Well done for birthing this vision – we need it! Onwards and upwards…”
Shazza Nuge, Facebook
“Great afternoon power to you & family. Thank you very much one love peace.Tricia”
Tricia Burke
“Dr Lez was a fantastic host for yesterday’s Slavery Remembrance National Memorial 2017. Thank you to the organiser for putting on such an empowering and uplifting event. #OneLove

#TimeToRemember #SlaveryRemembrance #MyTribe ✊✊”

Marlesha Jardine, Facebook
” I was at Trafalgar Square as well yesterday and took some videos. I was particularly impressed with the Lady originally from Jamaica who said she single handedly started the movement. As well as the young Lady poet, whose poem was entitled ” Do you love yourself Black Boy”
John Quaye Quao, Facebook
“Awesome, thank you”
Tara Gholston, Facebook
“We had a beautiful day today. Thank you for such an important event.”
Sinai Fleary, Facebook
“My first time ever attending this event and i absolutely loved it”
Dinar Leo Dino, Facebook
“Definitely want to go next year!”
Leanne Gayle, Facebook
“It was absolutely fantastic, first time for me definitely going next year.”
Michael Lisbie, Facebook
“This woman’s [Simply Sayo] poetry was absolutely amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire event, looking forward to checking it out next year.”
Sondai Az, Facebook